Retail business scenarios

Increased re-use of existing processes Reduced time of sending business information from one process to another process Goal: Decrease Costs Cost improvements can be realized through the following objectives: Lower levels of redundancy and duplication in assets throughout the enterprise Decreased reliance on external IT service providers for integration and customization Lower costs of maintenance Business operations improvements can be realized through the following objectives:

Retail business scenarios

Retail Scenario of India: An Overview Article shared by: In last one and half decades, many corporate giants have entered into retailing and have successfully professionalized this business.

Many international retailers have entered Indian market and many are about to enter to explore retailing opportunities.

Interestingly, apart from a unique industry, retailing has been emerging as a discipline, a branch of study. In almost all B-Schools, many students specialize on retiling field every year.

Even, primary and secondary schools have introduced retailing related topics in their curricula in one or other form.

Now, retailing activities have transformed into promising business worldwide. Retail business occupies an important place in the world economy.

It is one of the major sources of employment, too. In some developed countries, its contribution in total employment much higher than India.

Business Scenarios

For example, share of retail in total employment in Brazil, U. Indian retailing system exhibits considerable variety. We find giant shopping malls and a small retail shops operating simultaneously in nearby area. Interestingly, some small sole proprietary retailers are competing successfully with retail corporate giants in neighboring areas.

Medium and large departmental stores also operate in retailing field amidst many small retailers and a few corporate retailers. In the same way, service sector retailing business is also booming. Most service sectors, including banking, stock markets and securities, insurance, healthcare, communication, tour and travels, hotel and restaurants, and so forth, have started concentrating their attention on effective retailing to survive and grow.

Retail business scenarios

Retail Sector is the most booming sector in the Indian economy. Some of the biggest players of the world are going to enter the industry soon.

It is on the threshold of bringing the next big revolution after the IT sector. Retail market is expected to grow manifolds by the year This suggests that the potential for growth is immense. There are about new malls, supermarkets and departmental stores currently being built in the cities across India.

Growth of Retail Companies in India: Growth of Retail Companies in India is still not yet in a matured stage with great potentials within this sector still to be explored.

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The growth of retail companies in India is most pronounced in the metro cities of India; however, the smaller towns are also not lagging behind in this regard.Therefore, scenarios should be based on creative thinking about how predicted changes in the business environment will alter the competitive landscape.

If the environment changes in a scenario but the competitors remain the same, that scenario may not be imaginative enough. Join the gang of savvy subscribers who receive original, well-researched articles about company culture, customer service, and building a better business every week.

The retail sales are at the highest point in history and new technologies are improving retail productivity.

though there are many opportunities to start a new retail business. A new retail launch is an expensive and risky proposition. Business leaders need a good understanding of the best way to position their brand with consumers and trade partners prior to .

Business scenarios are used to help identify and understand business needs, and thereby to derive the business requirements that the architecture development, and ultimately the IT, has to address. However, it is important to remember that business scenarios are just a tool, not the objective.

rows · It is the central entry point to an elaborate knowledge repository for SAP for Retail. It contains not only a wealthy resource of information provided by business experts at SAP, but also contributions from community .

Retail Scenario of India: An Overview