Reflection paper of solution focused therapy

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Reflection paper of solution focused therapy

Purpose of identifying source data location Verification of source data is a considerable part of the work of monitors, auditors and inspectors.

During GCP inspections, it is frequently seen that data are recorded in multiple locations at a site. It is therefore essential to the possibility of reconstructing the clinical trial that it is clear, where the original record is documented. The identification list of where source data is documented is primarily intended as a tool for monitors, auditors and inspectors in their work of verifying that the trial is performed in keeping with the ICH GCP guidelines, current legislation and guidelines as well as the trial protocol.

According to the recently published reflection paper on expectations for electronic source data and data transcribed to electronic data collection tools in clinical trials, a detailed diagram and description of the transmission of electronic data should be provided in the protocol.

The source data and their respective capture methods should be clearly defined prior to subject recruitment i.

Reflection paper of solution focused therapy

The sponsor should describe which data will be transferred, the origin and destination of the data, the parties with access to the transferred data, the timing of the transfer and any actions that may be triggered by Reflection paper of solution focused therapy review of those data.

The intended location should be clearly defined prior to subject recruitment. One way of achieving this is to generate a source data location list. This list should be prepared by the site and should be signed and dated by the principal investigator or by a person whom the principal investigator has assigned this task.

As the location of source data could vary from one investigator site to another, it could be appropriate to make the list site specific. The list of source data must be sufficiently detailed In order to facilitate location of data, the list of source data should be sufficiently detailed.

This may make it necessary to write: How can proper documentation of eligibility be ensured? The text in the CRF could for instance say: Adherence to the criteria of the protocol can originate from different sources like blood samples, physical examination, medical history, information from the subject etc.

When designing the protocol and the related CRF, the sponsor should carefully consider where each source data originate from, with reference to a specific visit. This is important since some data originate from screening visits, others from the randomisation visit and some data could be historical.

It should be agreed with the investigator of a site how adherence to the individual criteria is documented.

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It is the expectation that a qualified physician who is an investigator or a sub-investigator for the trial has assessed each individual eligibility criteria and has taken the final decision to include the subject in the trial ICH GCP 4.

This decision should be documented prior to the subject receiving the first dose of the IMP. GCP inspections have revealed a substantial amount of cases where the overall eligibility statement in the CRF confirms subject eligibility but where source data shows that the subject did not fulfil all eligibility criteria.

The requirement for investigators to keep a copy of the CRF has been in existence for 20 years. This requirement is valid irrespective of the media used; however, the introduction of electronic CRFs in clinical trials presents an additional challenge in achieving this requirement - especially if data are being submitted directly via a web based application.

Recent inspections have revealed a need to clarify this point. Requirement 10 of the above reflection paper states the following: However, although the CDISC requirements specifically relate to source data, the requirements is considered by the EU inspectors to be also applicable to transcribed data - as stated in the reflection paper section 6.

Therefore, the requirement of a contemporaneous and independent copy of the CRF is valid irrespective of whether the CRF contains source data or only transcribed data.

The EU GCP inspectors do not consider the requirement above to be met if data are captured in an electronic system and the data are stored on a central server under the sole control of the sponsor.

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This is because the investigator does not hold a contemporaneous and independent copy of the data. It is the responsibility of the sponsor and the investigator to institute a process by which a contemporaneous and independent copy of the CRF is available at the investigator site. Can the sponsor require that the investigator contacts sponsor staff before unblinding study medication?

Can the sponsor require that the investigator contacts sponsor staff before unblinding? If the blinding is prematurely broken, it is the responsibility of the investigator to promptly document and explain any unblinding to the sponsor ICH GCP 4.

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The medical care of the trial subjects includes medical decisions such as whether to start or stop treatment or institute alternative treatment if required.

Consequently, in order to do so, the investigator must have unrestricted and immediate access to break the treatment code. Some sponsors have recently introduced a code breaking system that requires the investigator to contact a sponsor representative and only after discussion with the representative, the investigator receives information that unblinds the treatment.

Some sponsors have even added a requirement that the investigator submits a written form after the phone call before receiving the information that unblinds the treatment. The groups also strongly recommend that any sponsor who has introduced or is applying such a system should immediately revise it in order to be compliant with international guidelines.

Breaking the treatment code is usually conducted via code envelopes or electronic systems such as telephone or web based systems such as IVRS and IWRS.This site will provide you with information on aspects of Brief Solution Focussed Therapy research and training.

The focus is on 'what works' in psychotherapy and its relationship to Brief Therapy. The Australian context is a focal point for this site. There are links providing source material for social workers and counsellors in are also links to research, practice and.

A Commentary for the Holistic Politico – Psychological Model() – for the Solution Focussed Discussion of a Child’s Mental Health Needs and their Wellbeing within the Context of a Multi-professional Planning or Child in Need Meeting.

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