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There may be the odd actual exception to this — I think I recall seeing some footage in a nature show once of a bird that seemed to be arranging plants within its living area.

Curatorial essay

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Writing the Rationale is part of the process of self- reflection, decision making, and of understanding of the relationship between artist and audience. Break it down into 3 parts: Overview, concepts, and ideas Viewer Relationships Overview, concepts, and ideas theme: You set the stage, so to speak, introducing us to the exhibition, what it is about and what are the underlying themes or threads.

How did your theme come about? What are the concepts, issues or ideas you have explored here and how are they linked in your work?

What experiences have contributed to the making of this work? Selection of works The second paragraph can be a general discussion of the works in the show, or you may choose to list and discuss each piece individually, making connections among them.

Maybe there is a particular piece that is pivotal to the rest of the show and you discuss this one in relation to the others. What materials and techniques have you used and why did you choose these? Do the materials have an impact on the meaning of the work? How do you justify your selection of works chosen?

Viewer Relationship The third part of the rationale can address the relationship with the audience and how the curatorial decisions you made may contribute to the viewers response. How does the way the work is displayed, hung, otherwise presented contribute to how it communicates with the viewer?

How did you consider the arrangement of the works within the space that you have available? Do you have an overall vision for presenting this body of work?

Curatorial Assignment | Essay Example

Refrain from using words such as beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, etc. Stick to the facts! Check your grammar and spelling.

Cannot exceed words. Journal reflections to build upon What media do you work with?

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What interests you about work of this type?curatorial statement custom essay [meteor_slideshow slideshow=”arp1″] a curatorial statement should discuss the premise or theoretical framework for a proposed exhibition of artworks or particular project.

Curatorial Statement In June , I had the opportunity to join Rebecca Belmore on an excursion from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Sioux Lookout, Ontario. During this trip we talked over many things: Aboriginal and reserve life, art, and the landscape through which we were traveling.

Curatorial Assignment Essay Sample. The theme for my gallery exhibition will be fluxus. The art movement/ theme “fluxus” originated in the ’s.

Curatorial essay

Similar to the theme “art and the quotidian object”, which means art of the everyday (found) object(s). Fluxus loosely translates to flow or change in many different languages. 13 Historically, the word curate means to care-take. Curating an exhibition of work by an emerging group of artists as they transition from student to the next phase of their lives.

A curatorial statement is an essay written by the curator meant to explain the rationale behind the exhibition. It is usually a persuasive essay that informs the reader about the premise of the exhibit and describes in detail some of the works in order to show how these works relate together and why it is significant to see them together.

Don’t forget curatorial practice is an armchair activity and shouldn’t have you rushing to the barricades with a Molotov in each hand.


There are two golden rules when writing .

Curatorial Essay